Madison Ryan Yoga

Hot 26

This class consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, repeated in the same order every time, broken down into a standing and floor series. Each posture builds on the previous posture and prepares you for the next. This practice is done without any music, as the instructor gives cues the entire time. Working the entire body, this practice builds strength, balance, and flexibility. However, this class is just as mentally energizing as physically. The room is heated to approximately 104 degrees.

Power Flow

This is a heated Vinyasa-style class and the room is usually heated to about 100 degrees. It is a different flow series every time, and is a lot of fun. Improve strength, mobility, and stability. Be ready to sweat and challenge yourself to upbeat music as you move through intense core work and strength-based postures while focusing on breath and mindful movement.

Total Core Flow

This is also a heated Vinyasa-style class and the room is usually heated to about 100 degrees. It is a different flow series every time, but is built around working every bit of your core: glutes, back, and abs.

Flow + Meditation (non-heated)

This class consists of a 45-minute Vinyasa flow to connect movement and breath followed by a 15-minute guided meditation or Yoga Nidra. The flow isn't as fast-paced as our Power Flow or Total Core Flow classes, but works just as much to improve strength and flexibility. 

Restorative (non-heated)

This class focuses on poses that promote relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation. Each sequence is designed to move the body, using props, in all directions allowing for a deep relaxation. The poses are typically held for a few minutes at a time, including light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. Props - blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps - are used to ease the body into poses that are healing and nurturing for the body.

Drop-In: $18

6 Class Pass (never expires): $89

12 Class Pass (never expires): $165

24 Class Pass (never expires): $300

2-Weeks Unlimited for First Timers: $25

1-Month Unlimited: $145

1-Year Unlimited: $1,200

MRY Auto-Debit Membership: $105/Month

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First time?

You do not have to be flexible to start a yoga practice! There is a reason we all call it a “practice,” after all. You are welcome to create an account online and sign up for your first class, or you can just come in 15-20 minutes early so the instructor can introduce you to the space and get you all set up! All of our classes are all-levels, and our instructors are well-equipped to teach anyone from the beginner to the advanced practitioner. We have plenty of cubbies for you to leave your things; the instructor locks the doors once class starts so you do not have to worry about your things. Our locker rooms are fully stocked in case you need to shower! Please do not be late for class. We lock the doors to the studio right on time, and it is not fair to the other students if we let someone interrupt intention-setting at the beginning of class.

Taking a hot class? You will need a mat, towel, and water. We also provide all of these in the studio if you do not have them quite yet! We recommend wearing loose clothing that you don’t mind sweating a lot in.

Taking a non-heated class? You will need a mat and a water (if you prefer). We recommend wearing loose clothing!